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Herms Organics complete line of soil amendments and potting mixes are based on many years of research, field trials and work with commercial growers. These products get real results in the real world and are available for the market gardener and large commercial grower. Herms Organics a division of Heritage Organics®, has 4 generations of experience and commitment to successful natural resource utilization and ensuring the preservation of our nation’s forests. Herms Organics® is committed to developing a range of products that will assist growers in their quest to grow higher quality, more nutritious, higher yielding, earth friendly crops.

Our Products

Worm Castings are an all-in-one Soil Amendment that is safe for the environment, children and pets. For millions of years earthworms have continued the “Cycle of Fertility” by converting organic matter into vermicompost. Odorless. Great for indoor/outdoor use.

High quality rich amended compost that will add natural and organic matter to your soil. Fortified with Worm Castings. Add Premium Organic Compost to existing garden soil and house plants to improve soil drainage and increase aeration.

Our highest quality natural and organic indoor/outdoor soil. Ready to use right out of the bag. Simply plant directly in the blend, and water. Ready to use in grow bags, raised beds, large outdoor containers, any pot used inside or outside.

Worm Castings Ingredients

Worm Castings

Organic Compost Ingredients

Compost and Worm Castings

Perfect Potting Soil Ingredients

Coco coir, peat moss, composted forest product, worm castings, perlite, rice hulls, pumice, soymeal, bat guano, volcanic rock dust, feather meal, green sand, azomite, bone meal, gypsum, dolomite lime, and humic shale ore


We distribute nationwide across the US. Contact us today to speak with a sales representative and get your order started. 

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